Grading for Summer 2021 Exams

Grading for Summer 2021 Exams

Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Grading for Summer 2021 

Following the latest announcement from Ofqual earlier today, we have summarised the grading for Summer 2021 plans. Please note this does not apply to Cambridge Assessment International Education at this time.  

Partner Candidates 

All candidates who are learning through one of our partners or approved tutors featured on our website, your learning provider has been contacted, advised of the requirements for grading and asked if they can support  grade for you. We suggest you contact them directly to discuss your options.  

Private Candidates  

We appreciate that there is no hard news for candidates not learning with one of our partners. Ofqual now have a two week technical consultation to consider arrangements for grading of private candidates studying independently. As soon as the outcome of this consultation is announced we will advise you accordingly. Rest assured we will assist you in grading whatever the process may be. We are engaged with stakeholders, including the DfE, Ofqual and the Awarding Bodies to finalise details.

For all candidates the evidence requirement is likely to be the same and consists of: 

  • Coursework
  • Mocks
  • Assessments and Assignments
  • Optional Assessment Material set by the AO’s and issued around Easter
  • NEA

Learners that are already registered with us will receive more information on Grading for Summer 2021 via their portals. This will include more information on the process and a link to a form to notify us of your decision relating to grading.

We are still accepting candidates for entries and our deadline has been extended to the 8th March 2021. This will enable learners to get all the information they need in order to make a decision.

Please note we are unable to reply to any emails requesting further information at this time as we do not know any more than this. The outcome of the secondary consultation is expected mid-March. 

Wendy Quinney


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