Ofqual Arrangements for Non-Exam Assessment for Qualifications in 2022

Ofqual Arrangements for Non-Exam Assessment for Qualifications in 2022

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Ofqual are consulting on arrangements for non-exam assessment and fieldwork requirements for students entering GCSEs, AS and A level qualifications in 2022 and it ends at 11.45pm on 28th May 2021. So what does this mean?

They are consulting on the arrangements for non-exam assessment (NEA) and fieldwork activities in some GCSE, AS and A level subjects that will be undertaken by students taking exams in summer 2022. Ofqual are making their proposal in the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

They are seeking views on their proposal that they carry forward changes agreed for summer 2021 for some subjects to take account of any public health restrictions relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) that might be in place during the next academic year.

This consultation covers:

  • non-exam assessments in dance, design and technology, drama (and theatre), film studies, food preparation and nutrition, media studies, music, music technology, and physical education (PE).
  • fieldwork activities in geography, geology and environmental science.
  • assessment of speaking skills in GCSE modern foreign languages (MFL).
  • assessment of spoken language in GCSE English language.

Ofqual are seeking views specifically on arrangements for the GCSE, AS and A level subjects set out above, and are inviting respondents to confine responses to this consultation to those subjects only.

They are not currently seeking views on other subjects at this time, although they commented that they recognise that students, teachers and exam boards may have views about them. They state that further information and, where necessary, consultations on any proposed changes to other GCSE, AS or A levels will follow.

Ofqual will read all responses to this consultation, but will not include in our analysis any responses about subjects that are not the focus of this consultation.

You can read the consultation outline here and the accompanying documents.

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